Our College now has our own Skoolbag iPhone and Android App to help us communicate more effectively with our Parent/Carer community.

What is Skoolbag?

Skoolbag provides schools with an easy way to tell parents/carers everything they need to know, and it provides parents with the most convenient way to receive school notifications.

No more lost paper in student school bags!  School newsletters, school notices and alerts are communicated directly to the parent smartphone through the Skoolbag school Mobile App.

Skoolbag is school Mobile App that communicates directly with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phones devices.

How does it work?

Parents add the School Mobile App to their phone, and can view the schools documents and notifications.

Skoolbag offers:

Skoolbag is a very flexible school mobile app and offers:

– Unlimited free instant Push message Notifications (Push anything instantly)
– Unlimited Push message categories for parents to subscribe to.
– Alerts
– Events
– News
– Newsletters
– Links to website pages
– Embedded PDF documents
– Parent eForms for Absent and Change of details.

Please follow the link to install Skoolbag Parent Instructions